Button Holes of Wisdom

When it comes to my over all well-being, it hasn't been a good year for me. Ever since I got health insurance, I've been playing catch-up with doctors. Especially my Dentist... Lordy knows I needed a good cleaning. So, when I went in for one today, little did I realize I'd be getting a second wisdom tooth extraction as well! (I was going to have it out eventually, but I guess this one wanted out!) The tooth literally chipped while the dentist was working on me.
And to think this weekend would be relaxing. A girl can't get a break.

I don't know why I was more freaked out this time around. But I was and requested laughing gas, but to be honest, I didn't feel any effect. The main thing was that I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. I just kept imagining unicorns dancing in my head as the Dentist poked, prodded and yanked the sucker out! I even took a picture with my iPhone. But I'll spare you the visual. ;-)

I'm really testing my threshold for pain this year aren't I? First the dish slip incident, then the first tooth ache, then one wisdom tooth... and now another. It's not a lot, really. But It's been one thing after another... It just feels like a lot. It could be much much worse, so I'll stop complaining.

As long as I can spend the rest of the day knitting on my sofa, I'll be happy as a clam! I might even finish s! I started the buttonhole band this morning and am more than halfway done. All's left to do is stichin' her up! Woohoo!

I was also perusing my Ravelry queue for a sweater pattern to knit with my Knit Picks Wool of The Andes yarn. I came across Wisteria and couldn't help myself from dishing out $7 for the pattern. It's gorgeous! But which color to use? Timber or Grass???