Ball of Yarn With a View

I had my first annual review at work yesterday, and it went very well! I even got a small raise! Woohoo! I celebrated by taking Dennis out to Amarin Cafe for dinner. Yummy Thai food and it's BYOB! Can't go wrong there! Afterall, he did sit there holding the skein while I rolled that ball of Knit Picks yarn up there! I didn't think he would do it, but I think he thought it was funny how my eyes got all wide with joy. ;-)

Almost done knitting the first side panel of Ditto. My US 3's are super long and a little cumbersome to manage all of 17 stitches. I wanted to make it to B.E. Yarns after work before they closed, but the G Train just sat in the station for an ungodly amount of time. So I missed my window. Not today... I have a doctor's appointment in the morning so I might have to make up an hour of work. *le sigh* I think having my knitting stuff delivered to my office is my best bet. Plus I like the anticipation of receiving mail at work!

OK, knitting, get dressed for work... get out of the house! AHHH!!!