What to Knit? What to Knit?

Finally! The week is over! Had to work extra late a few nights this week. I admit the stress has left deficient of vitamin B and slightly tormented about what to knit next. True, I have a few projects hanging... but I need to focus on something totally different for a bit.

I want to knit a quick project, but then again, I just discovered how much I like knitting with US 7 needles. They just have this neat, meticulous and solid feel. I started knitting some things with the new cotton yarn I bought last week, but those have proved to be too lengthy, and not confident enough to know exactly what I'm knitting is going to turn out accurate.

Arrrgh! I need a new project! It'll come to me. Because Dennis is studying, I have all this free time and instead I'm knitting, I'm fretting over what to knit!

OK, must change TV channel. Somehow I ended up watching "Dusk til Dawn" on TNT... I remember renting this years ago. It started out well and just turned into a silly vampire movie. Maybe I should give it a second chance? ;-)