London Shrug

Back from London!

My fiancee and I took a quick three-day trip there last weekend. We walked EVERYWHERE! My feet are still recuperating, but it was well-worth it. In three days we went to the Tate Modern, British Museum, Imperial War Museum, National Gallery, London Bridge... I know I'm leaving something out. The food was also very good. The first day we went to this great little pub near the War Museum, and I'm completely blanking on the name. It'll come to me later.

Of course no trip to London would be complete without a visit to Liberty! I purchased three skeins of Roway Tapestry. I couldn't go crazy, as the British pound isn't too kind on my American buckaroos.

Dennis got a very blurry candid shot of me raiding their shelves. He was incredibly patient as I starred for what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out which yarn I wanted. Such a trooper.

But now, I'm up early this fine Sunday morning knitting a shrug, since it's the first thing I thought of knitting with three tiny skeins. I'm improvising it as I go along, and I have to say it's turning out quite nice!

I took a break from my scallops cardigan. One of the front panels was giving me trouble. I think I made a mistake while knitting on the plane and will have to unravel some of it... Jet lag does wonders for knitting. Another thing I should mention, going to London, the airline let me carry all my needles on board, however returning to New York, the security lady let me carry on my bamboo needles but confiscated my aluminum ones and my Olay face wash! Honestly, I think my hair straightener could do more damage. All I have to say is, happy knitting ma'am and enjoy a healthy vitamin complexion!