Homemade Curry Split Pea Soup

Another weekend come and gone. Spent most of the day knitting while Dennis studied. Not really sure what I'm knitting. I just grabbed some pretty-colored yarn I've been wanting to use and just started knitting lace. Maybe I'll turn it into a tote bag, or just a scarf... maybe even a shrug! In the meantime I was catching up on some KnitPicks podcasts!

For lunch I made Spicy Curry Split Pea Soup! I added the curry only because on the news this morning. They mentioned people who consume curry about twice a week are less likely to get Alzheimers... so now I'm all about the curry! hehe Turned out quite yummy!

After lunch Dennis and I drove to Long Island City. I really like what the did with the waterfront area! It's a place you can just go to sit and enjoy the view, and I love the way they designed it. I definitely intend on going back one weekend and plopping my butt down on a grassy knoll with a bag full o' knitting!

That being said, time for bed. Such a lazy weekend, but I feel so zonked! 8-o