Daddy Day 09!

Happy Father's Day! Went to a BBQ at my cousin Karin and her husband Rob's house and had fun playing with their daughter, Summer! So cute! Just think of all the sweaters and dresses I'll get to knit her! Eeee!!!

I feel a little blegh right now. I may have had a little too much vino and a nice medley of BBQ meats! I'm gonna feel it tomorrow, I'm sure!

The rest of this weekend has been relatively uneventful. I dislike intervals between knitting projects because I always have a hard time deciding what to knit knext! <--- (funny typo! ) I took a trip to my LYS and of course bought more yarn and more knitting needles! Meanwhile I have a nice tangled mess of unused yarn sitting right here next to me in a bin!

So, after much delegation, I'm knitting another lacey shrug. I really do like lace knitting, come to think of it. I actually can't remember the last time I knit cables! I'll save those for winter. ;-)

Another weekend gone by. Another week of video editing and rain. Ugh, I could cry!