Inspiration strikes! After much tossing and turning last night, I decided to lull myself to sleep with thoughts of potential knitting projects. Then it dawned on me: My cousin's husband's birthday is coming up!

[There's an inside joke between him and Dennis where they just shout "Bulldog!" at each other and laugh... to this day I still don't know what the farfanoogan it means, but I recalled saying that I'd knit him a hat with the word "Bulldog" on it!]

And so, at 8:30am, I cast on 75 sts onto 16" US 8 circulars and at approximately 5:30pm, ended up with this!

I honestly wish I had better yarn. I could kick myself for using Red Heart, but they were the only "manly" colors available in my stash... and my LYS didn't open until noon. I'd say it turned out alright. I intended to make it slightly bigger, but hopefully this will suffice. He's a BIG guy.

Aside from the fair isle portion, it was a pretty dull knit. I admit, basic hats in straight stockinette are really not my forte´, so to pass the time I listened to KnitPicks podcast! For the first time! One word: SUBSCRIBE! ;-)