Hail from my iPhone!

I'm driving back from Philly right now... Went to vistit Dennis' family for a belated Passover dinner... Tomorrow we're having Easter dinner at my family's... So it's a double whammy of family festivites! WoohOo!

On our way to Philly, I had some time to work on Summer's sweater! I stopped by this bead/trimmings store on 6th avenue after work on Friday to pickup some buttons. They're really cute!

[ Wow... kinda hard to type On this thing in a moving vehicle.... But I'm doing my best. It's too dark out now to get any more knitting done but we have a whole other hour left of driving to do so I might as well do some blogging.]

Anyway, before Dennis thinks I'm ignoring him And before my spelling and grammar gets any worse .... Here's a photo!