The Infamous Question

"What to knit next?" I started knitting a hat with Berroco's Quest, but I didn't really have a pattern in mind, so that didn't turn out well. Add that to the list of frogged projects. I'm thinking of making something small with Cotton Ease... I've been dying to knit a cardigan, so maybe I'll star that... but I'm not sure about the taupe. arrrgh! It'll come to me.

Yesterday was very discombobulated. Such a windy dreary day. I wanted to check out Brooklyn Flea, but ended up going to the wrong location. The last one I went to was in Fort Greene, so I assumed it would be there again. WRONG. When we drove there, and discovered a barren concrete wasteland, I did a quick search on my iPhone, and realized it was in DUMBO! d'oh! Oh well. That being said, Dennis and I attempted to get some shopping done in midtown, but it was impossible. People were out in full force. Not to mention, incredibly rude! No one says excuse me anymore. They just push, shove, bash right into you without a thought. Shopping is not a pompetition, people!

Today I really need to crack down and clean up the apartment. It's amazing how fast dishes and clutter pile up over the week!

OK, off to find my new knitting project!