11sts, Gauze Over (go),* DO NOT REPEAT!*

Well, I've really done it this time. Last night I cut my thumb on broken glass whist washing dishes! Thirty minutes later, I found myself sitting in the ER (amazing and heroic fiancee by my side) getting eleven stitches in my hand! I have yet to see the damage... I can't even bear to think about what lies beneath the gauze! Have to do it eventually. suck it up, Kristin!
The big bummer, I had the whole day off, and I can barely knit! I sat here all morning teaching myself continental knitting, which was going really well. Slow, but well. Then I realized I actually use less of my right hand when I knit English style. Either way, the cast on process was definitely causing my wound to feel funny. I should just succumb to my current state and allow myself to heal properly. ::sigh:: I'm totally inspired, however, to knit myself a wristlet to cover up my ugly drab bandage. Might give it another go!