Good-Bye Brooklyn / Hello Queens?

Dennis and I both took off from work last Friday to relax. On a whim, we decided to checkout what apartments were available on the internet, since our landlord just upped our rent. Little did we know our mere curiosity would turn into a day of apartment hunting! Long story short, we found an AMAZING apartment out in Queens (Woodside area).

Don't get me wrong. I'm in love with Greenpoint and Brooklyn in general. I love what's it is and what it's becoming, and the thought of living anywhere else is heart-wretching! Woodside would be the total opposite, but it's literally just a train ride away from it all...

This is such a spontaneous decision we're making, but within reason. And we're incredibly torn.

Queens Apt. Pros
  • MUCH cheaper rent
  • One block away from the train
  • Beautiful Apartment
  • Purple Bathroom. :-P
  • 7 Train
  • Competent Landlord
  • Closet Space!!!
Queens Apt. Cons
  • Above ground train (although not that noisy)
  • Grocery store kinda far
  • Neighborhood is safe but not that great. Kind of dreary & noisy
  • Block away from a cemetary...(but can't really see it)
Brooklyn Apt. Pros
  • Lots of space
  • Great neighborhood that's really starting to develop
  • Great view of the city skyline
  • Grocery store right outside the subway
Brooklyn Apt. Cons
  • Rent just went up
  • Train station annoyingly far
  • Too much space
  • Crazy landlord
  • G train
  • Non-skeezy laundrymat too far
  • One awkward closet.
OK, I'm kind of glad I wrote this list. I'm actually really leaning towards the Queens apartment now.
The only hurdle we have to get over is having to deal with our current landlord... who is nuts. The guy barely speaks a word of English and totally unreasonable! Then again... this too shall pass. I'm not worried. I'm psyched, actually!

OK, now onto yarn & other stuff! I broke down and bought more Alpaca Ultra yarn in Fern. I loved the Strangled Vines scarf I made for my grandmother so much, I'm making another for myself... even though winter's almost over.
It's coming along.... this time I have the pattern totally memorized. So it should be a breeze!

And for this week's recipe concoction:

Chipotle Spicy Black Bean Dip!