Today is In My Way.

Not to quote an old MxPx song... 

But seriously. I had a bad day. And the fact that I just came home and missed the downpour had I gotten caught in said downpour, would have made it that much worse... 

1. I had to wake up at 4am to get to work. (only having slept 4 hours... due to the debates)

2. I'm so tired, I totally mess up an edit. An easy fix, but still. kind of embarrassing being that it's my second to last day at my current job, that I want to bow out gracefully because my new job will be within the same company. 

3. The Morning Show almost crashed because my computer freezes, not allowing me to access the video files! All hell almost broke loose!

4. I spend the rest of the days cutting videos, making stupid mistakes that I don't usually make... and one of those mistakes accidentally got on air. Again... a dumb split sec. clip that I should have caught and nixed. All hell broke loose there after by my PA getting bombarded with IMs and phone calls asking her to ask me to fix it, when i had already realized my error and was already fixing it. 

5. I didn't get to take a lunch. 

6. Someone stole my coat. (not kidding)

7. I finally after I get to leave, I see a bus in the distance and decide to wait instead of walking. The bus turns the other way and I decide to wait, and wait and wait for the next bus... that never came. Finally, I gave up, and decided to walk over the bridge. 

8. The bridge was raised! I had to wait 10 minutes for a bardge to pass, and for the bridge to be re-lowered. 

Now I'm home. Eating soup out of a measuring cup because i'm too tired to clean any dishes. It's my dude's turn anyway! :-P

The only upside to today was that thankfully, it wasn't too cold out, and my hair looks awesome! And I missed the rain! I'm trying to think positive here. 

OK, rant over. *le sigh!*

Now, to find out when I can catch the final episode of Project Runway!!!! I hope Leanne wins!!!