Autumn Pools

I'm kind of freaking out. I've been dying my hair black now for about 3+ years, and kinda getting tired of it. So, yesterday on my day off, I bought this stuff called "Color Oops" which is supposed to return it back to my natural color... but as predicted, I've dyed my hair so many times, it only removed the color near my roots. So today after work I'm seeing a professional to dye it a dark brown color. Honestly, I haven't been to a salon in YEARS!

So, I'm kind of cringing. But I need to fix it. People at my office think I've gone hard core. lol

Back to knitting...
I knit this hat for my boyfriend but might end up borrowing it! hehe
The colors kept reminding me of pumpkin pie while knitting it making me hungry. :-9

Right now I've started knitting a sweater for Summer... So far so good. If I can get a baby sweater right, maybe I can get an adult sweater right... evetually! ;-)

OK, back to work.