401 Knit Plan

Alas, I am at work. I had to wake up at 4am again to get here at 6am... but the good news is... are you ready for this? I GOT THE OTHER JOB!!!! I'm so psyched!
I'm not sure when they want me to start, but my current boss needs me to finish up the rest of the week. Sianara insane hours Freelancing! Hello full time + benefits + 401K plan + mandatory Blackberry! Hah.

Today's pretty chill. I get out in an hour and a half, so that's good. I'm just so pooped. But i know when i get home i'm not going to be able to fall back asleep. I'll just be in and out. My boyfriend's visiting his brother, so I'll pretty much have the day to myself. Not sure what to do. I might just veg... finish knitting Summers sweater maybe.

I also went through with it and attempted to professionally dye my hair brown. It looks ok. I'm not totally liking it. The stylist couldn't get it to get any lighter, and some of the black was too stubborn. So now it's like a dark reddish brown. Meh. My boyfriend seems to like it. I might try another round of bleach... or am I asking for it? So tempted to just go back to black. It was easy & pretty... We'll see.