Home Sweet Voolenvine!

So I now have a website for my knitting projects! Voolenvine.com! So excited. Hopefully it'll motivate me to actually finish objects I start. I have a horrible habit of starting something, and then getting way too excited about another project and totally neglecting the first project!
The site is still under construction, but so far, I'm really liking how its turning out.

I've been working on several projects... one of which is a green sweater, which sadly didn't turn out very well and had to be frogged. I was following a pattern and of course went off on my own tangent at some point.
The next one was the Razor Cami from OhMyStars.net... which is still a work in project, as is the hat I'm making for my boyfriend.... I need to post some pix.

In other news, my new job isn't all it's cracked up to be. As a video editor, I do maybe 30min of real work, and the rest of the day I'm sitting there without internet twiddling my thumbs in a dark freezing room surrounded by equipment. There's no internet, just a TV, so it's safe to say I'm caught up on all three seasons of Project Runway, and completely up to date with current events being that I work for a news corporation. The work is not creative at all and at the end of the day I feel totally useless and under-challenged. The good news is there's a chance for me to move up to a better department in two weeks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Right now I just have to bite the bullet because the economy is in such bad shape. :-(

The only upside to this gig is that I sometimes get 2 hour lunch breaks, which leads me to do ungodly damage at H&M ... and I get days off during the week. So I really shouldn't complain.

On a lighter note, my cousin called with awesome news! The baby she and her husband are adopting was born two days ago!!! It's a girl and they're flying to pick her up today! I'm so psyched for them. Plus, you know what that means... I get to knit some tiny sweaters and cardies!!! Woohoo!

That being said, I've gotta whole lotta knitting ahead of me today! And the First Season of Gossip Girl!!!!